Reading Programme

For the Reading Programme, you are expected to maintain this blog from now until the end of May. At the end of this timeframe, you are to choose one of your posts (along with comments) to submit as a summative piece. You will be assessed based on the submitted piece, as well as the regularity of your contributions to the blog.

Relevant Documents


For your first entry, you are to (over the course of two periods):

  1. Write a commentary based on the article you had read and discussed about in class (350-500 words)
  2. Comment on (at least) 2 groupmates’ entries (150-250 words)
  3. Respond to at least one of the comments on your blog post (150-250 words)

You may want to look at this example piece for an idea of what’s expected of you. Take note that the length requirements have not been met in this example, however. The following help pages might also be useful if you are not sure where to begin:

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