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Will the Amazon rainforest be saved?

Tree microchips may help save Amazon rainforest – The Straits Times, 16 October 2010

Evey second, at least 1 football field worth of trees are logged in the Amazon rainforest. In less than a week, the amount of trees logged in the Amazon rainforest would exceed the land area of Singapore. This is how alarming the rate of deforestation is, especially in the Amazon rainforest. However, tree microchips may help save the Amazon rainforest. A microchip is attached to its base holding data about its location, size and who cut it down. In addition, the chips allow land owners using sustainable forestry practices to distinguish their wood from that acquired through illegal logging which destroys swathes of the forest each year.

Will this measure actually work? In my opinion, yes. The illegal loggers of these trees will be caught, reducing the rate of deforestation. Although it might seem costly to microchip these trees, it is actually for a good cause, to save the Amazon rainforest from increasing rates of deforestation.

Deforestation has many adverse ramifications. Firstly, deforestation reduces the number of trees on Earth, which is essentially, destroying Mother Nature. Secondly, excess deforestation can lead to soil erosion, and possibly even landslides. Thirdly, deforestation destroys the homes of the many thousands of species that inhabit the Amazon rainforest, which is also equivalent to destroying Mother Nature. In addition, deforestation reduces the air’s oxygen content as less trees are unable to undergo photosynthesis to produce oxygen whilst taking in carbon dioxide.

As such, we can all see the negative repercussions of deforestation. With these microchips, the perpetrators of illegal logging can then be caught and prosecuted, resulting in the reduction of logging and hence deforestation.

Now, it goes back to the question – Will the Amazon rainforest be saved? In my opinion, it is a firm yes. Although it might not seem so, with more measures and initiatives kicking in, such as this tree microchip initiative, I firmly believe that the problem of deforestation not only in the Amazon rainforest but also in other forests such as Kalimantan will be curtailed, bringing about positive change to the rest of the world and the Amazon rainforest itself.

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